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Vision & Mission


iMove is an Association of Mobility Providers, which facilitates cooperation, networking and the exchange of good practices to create more and better business opportunities for its members.

Smooth, solid and fruitful business between iMove members means higher quality of mobilities and a wider public of VET providers choosing to rely on the professional experiences and services of trustworthy Mobility Providers.

Since the birth of iMove as an idea in 2011 and a European funded project in 2013, many things have changed but our vision of a future we are working for still stands the very same: making mobility a reality for all VET schools and learners in Europe.


iMove is a coordination space for Mobility Providers working together and exchanging best practices to create more and better learning mobility opportunities. The network activity is focused on three main drivers:

  • Peer learning: opportunities for members to exchange about market evolution, activity strategy and the services’ quality improvement through both virtual and in person meetings.
  • Networking and marketing: being part of iMove means to get involved into a network of professional mobility providers which are trusted partners of thousands of schools and training centers in Europe.
  • Erasmus+ K1 applications: contribution to members’ Erasmus + Mobility Application, thanks to the capacity of iMove to support the transfer of best practices about Erasmus+ project design within the network.


to exchange best practises

Talk with other members

about market evolution, business strategy and services’ quality improvement

Provide added value

to members' Erasmus + Mobility Application

Imove can be

a formal partner of the applications

Imove is a brand

that members use for marketing purposes

To show a tangible network of partners

and promote their professionality as Mobility Providers

Let’s play VET: a new way of learning experiences

There is a way to validate and recognise learning with digital Open Badge, following design learning experiences into thematic pathways appling game features to motivate learners, this way leads to Let’s play VET platform.

iMove General Assembly

The launch conference of iMove in Bologna was in November 2016, exactly 2 years ago and the network has just met in Como for the 2018 General Assembly. But what is happened so far in the iMove world and how everything started?

A new generation of VET Mobility Programmes

Andrea Lombardi Uniser CEO talked about how VET is nowadays the first choice but also often the only choice for many categories of learners and how Erasmus can be the only way to live a mobility experience.